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Training is usually held outdoors at city parks with gym training as an option.  
High-Intensity Interval Training ( H.I.I.T. ) and ​accountability
give you a powerful new training edge!

Bowling Green, KY

Specializing in:

Balance & Coordination
Cross-Fit Training
Flexibility Exercises
Parkour Training
Power Training
Sports-Specific Training
Better.  Faster.  Stronger.

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WHY MANY ATHLETIC TRAINING PROGRAMS FAIL  Weak Link Syndrome occurs whenever you work more exclusively on just one or two types of training (such as strength, or endurance) but neglect coordination, balance, flexibility, agility or speed training. In addition to limiting athletic performance, it can increase your potential for sports injury. Adaptive Muscle Shortening (AMS) occurs spontaneously, and is the shortening of skeletal musculature in response to stereotypical movement patterns (for example working too intensively on chest development but placing less effort in training the upper back). This leads to Muscle Imbalance(s), whereby the skeletal framework is distorted due to muscular and fascial restrictions imposed by faulty training. By taking a more comprehensive "systems theory" approach to physical conditioning, Men's Fitness Boot Camp ensures that all of your training efforts are symmetrical and complimentary, allowing you to truly unlock and develop your optimal athletic potential.  

With over 27 years of professional clinical experience as a Physical Therapist training beginner, intermediate and elite athletes, you can benefit from my vast knowledge of athletic conditioning to optimize your athletic training efforts for true success!

MEN'S FITNESS BOOT CAMP  is an exciting outdoor, full-body conditioning fitness program designed to challenge, tone and trim your I am passionate about taking training seriously and getting you results! True fitness is a positive lifestyle choice and requires your commitment: it is not a sometimes thing, it's an everyday thing. I help you make fitness a part of your daily life. Men's Fitness Boot Camp gives you highly effective fat burning workouts, nutritional guidance, measured progress reports, guantanteed results (assuming your regular attendance), motivation, friendship and fun. Classes typically last 60 minutes and provide a well-rounded workout, although there is a rotating point of emphasis with each class.