Boot-Camp is a place where you bring your anticipation, ambition, dedication and hope to a supportive learning environment where you discover how to engage your whole self as you work toward meeting new challenges. Through individual training exercises you will learn the self-discipline it takes to become an elite athlete. By facing novel challenges in a team environment, you will learn to rely upon others, as well as learning accountability.  

Instead of focusing upon highly repetitive exercises that selectively train individual muscle groups in resulting in limited stereotypical movement patterns; you will now learn how to perform more efficient whole-body movement patterns that train your agility, balance, coordination, and speed as you perform functional movements that engage larger quantities of muscle groups, resulting in faster strength gains and overall athletic ability.  

The physical training of Boot-Camp continually assesses and then progresses the individual athletic skills of the individual so that optimal gains may be realized. Additionally, the mental discipline necessary for developing the focus required to push oneself in new and challenging areas is developed. Regular feedback takes place during group workouts, as well as in private, so that the individual can have an overall and clear understanding of his strengths and limitations, so that he can appreciate the purpose of the current training techniques being utilized in his individual training program.

An ideal frequency of three (3) Boot-Camp workouts per week is advised. This permits you to become adequately regimented with training so that you can see regular progress and benefit from consistent feedback. 


One of the main benefits of receiving boot-camp training is that you aren't going through the process alone. You will receive guidance in developing and performing a comprehensive training program that optimizes your athletic talent. You will receive regular constructive feedback. You will work with others in partnered drills and exercises, promoting increased confidence in your abilities while deriving a greater sense or accountability. You will learn from other's training successes and errors. You will have the opportunity to mentor others who are less experienced, and this will reinforce your understanding of the training principles. Periodically there will be opportunities for friendly competition, and this will instill you with a sense of pride in being able to support your team, while increasing your mental focus.  


After a baseline assessment is completed, continual informal assessments will be performed throughout the course of training. At weekly intervals, comparisons of vitals will be made to determine any improvements in recovery time and work capacity. On a monthly basis, comparisons of physical parameters of strength, endurance, power, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, body composition, and teamwork ability will be assessed. Regular feedback will be provided regarding your progress to date, along with recommendations for further enhancing training benefits.  


What should I wear?

Flexible clothing to allow unrestricted movement.  No straps or design components that could get caught on equipment.  Good-fitting athletic shoes.  Wearing thin nylon socks beneath your sweat socks will help prevent blisters.  You may choose to dress in layers depending up the weather, so that you can remove outer layers as you heat up during exercise.  

Will I get sore?

There will probably be some increased soreness the first week or two, depending upon your present level of training. This should diminish to more tolerable levels by week three onward.  Performing daily stretching will help to minimize post-exercise muscular soreness.  

Will I get short of breath?

No.  Ideally, you will be able to pace yourself to avoid becoming short of breath.  Naturally, you will be breathing harder, but you are encouraged to workout only so intensely that you can still maintain adequate air exchange. Training is high-intensity but is performed in an interval approach to avoid building up an excessive oxygen debt.  

What if I can't make it to all of the classes?  

The standard registration fee includes all sessions Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Absences from a session are not refunded or pro-rated.  It is recommended that you workout on your own time so that you can make up for missing a session.  This will keep you in training condition, and help you to stay consistent with a training schedule.

What if it's raining?

The Boot Camp will continue as scheduled in all weather conditions, with the exception of severe lightning. In the event of heavy rain I suggest that the participant bring a light water resistant jacket/pullover, water-resistant boots and water resistant gloves.

What Should I Bring To Class?

Please bring a mat or a towel that can go on the ground, and plenty of water.

What kind of exercises will I be performing?

Each class is based around five cycles; warm up, upper body, lower body, core and combo cool down.  We do everything from calisthenics, plyometric drills, resistance band training, running drills, body-weight strengthening exercises, partner drills, agility, balance and coordination training and much more. Every class is different, giving you a full body workout that won’t ever feel monotonous

What about changes in the weather?

If there is rain, we can still workout beneath shelters.  During colder weather, there are new options in light-weight sports attire to keep you warm; besides, you will be exercising, and acclimatizing to changes in the weather is good for you.  In more extreme situations of summer's heat or winter's cold, there will be options for local indoor workouts.

Are refunds available?

Yes and No.  As is standard policy of most gyms, refunds are issued only if you move more than 25 miles away; or have an MD release stating that you are not currently able to participate due to an acute medical condition.  

Can I transfer my membership?

As is standard policy of most gyms, memberships cannot be transferred.  It is expected that you have put sufficient thought into engaging in a new fitness program, and are ready to make the necessary commitment to follow-through with a regular training schedule.


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