My Training Philosophy

I feel that the greatest benefits of physical exercise take place in a group setting where a social and recreational experience are integrated in a physically challening training environment.  It too common to find young guys working out alone, even tuning out any opportunity for social interaction via use of their MP3 players.  Yet another bad habit is stopping their workout for 15-20 minutes at a time to idly chat with select buddies, when they could be developing significant power training by closely monitoring their rest intervals.  The self-confidence and sense of accountability that are derived from training in a team setting are invaluable traits that will serve the individual well in other life venues.  After working with clients for 25 years, I have observed that most subjects have greatly untapped potential. They settle for a meager subsistence at worst, or at best, failing to put forth their truest effort and never achieving a deep self-understanding of their own abilities and potential.  

My training style varies with the individual based upon their training goals, and I try to provide effective motivation throughout the course of training to promote the mental focus that is required to become an elite athlete.  I make recommendations, monitor progress, and can usually very accurately predict where an individual will be in their physical progress several weeks or months down the road.  I vary the training regimen to keep things fresh and to ensure that the body is continually challenged to get better, stronger and faster.  

It is typical for me to have a strong rapport with my clients.  I take training seriously, but try to have some fun along the way.  I think it is important to have a good sense of humor.  I provide a supportive training environment that encourages the individual to have confidence in pursuing their greatest goals.  

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