Therapeutic Massage

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Bowling Green, KY

Specializing in:

Balance & Coordination
Cross-Fit Training
Flexibility Exercises
Parkour Training
Power Training
Sports-Specific Training
Better.  Faster.  Stronger.
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The Benefits of Professional Therapeutic Massage​

Increased circulation of the blood and oxygen carrying capacity / Increased lymphatic circulation
Reduced heart rate and blood pressure / Increased joint movement / Improved posture 
Increased immune function / Improved muscle and joint flexibility / Increased endurance and energy Reduction of muscle cramping & fatigue / Reduced injury & post-workout recovery time 
Calming of nervous system / Flushing of body toxins / Revitalized skin tone
Promotion of a relaxed state of mind conducive to creative thinking 
Calming of insomnia symptoms for a restful, relaxed deep sleep
Irregular work schedules and the demands of business travel can result in jet lag, where the body's internal clock becomes out of sync with the external environment. This can lead to difficulty maintaining a routine sleep-wake pattern, because external stimuli (like sunrise/sunset timetables) dictate a different pattern. For this reason, one can feel lethargic one moment and excited the next, producing increased muscular tension. Frequently working over-time and finding it difficult to follow a consistent exercise regimen (or if you do workout regularly, occasionally being too aggressive in working out) can promote shortened, hyper-sensitive musculature. Mood swings and irritability occur when the body is not allowed to obtain adequate rest, nutrition and exercise.  

Therapeutic Massage is a very efficient means of restoring normal muscle flexibility and enhancing the circulation and immune function in our fast-paced culture. I am a well-trained and experienced practitioner of the healing art of therapeutic massage. Massage will soothe your nervous system and enhance your calm thinking and creativity. The healing benefits of therapeutic massage will relax and rejuvenate your mind and body, preparing you to perform at your best, cognitively, emotionally and physically/athletically, increasing the amount and quality of your free time.


Professionally trained with over 27 years of clinical experience, I use a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage Techniques that is attuned to the specific benefit of the individual client. Other techniques can include muscular stretching and myofascial release, as well as therapeutic exercise to promote good posture. Scheduling is by appointment. If I am with a client, please leave a voice-mail message and I will promptly return your call. A general review of your health history is necessary so that I can properly adapt my techniques. Modest draping is required. You may undress to your comfort level or remain clothed.   Contact me for rate schedule.
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