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Training Techniques

I utilize an ever-expanding repertoire of training techniques to promote efficiency while optimizing the benefits of your training efforts.  While having a solid academic and clinical background in exercise science, I am always exploring novel training options to determine their usefulness amongst the various programs that I provide.  Current training options include (but are not limited to):    

Agility Drills / Balance Exercises / Body-Weight Exercises / Cardio-Respiratory Endurance Training 
Coordination Exercises / Cross-Fit Training / Flexibility Training / High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 
Isometrics / Kettlebell Training / Motivational Training / Neuroplastic Enhancement / Nutritional Counseling Parkour Training / Partner Drills & Exercises / Physique Symmetry / Plyometrics / Power Training
Sports Hypnosis / Strength Training / Team-Building Dynamics / Ultimate Warrior Training

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Specializing in:

Balance & Coordination
Cross-Fit Training
Flexibility Exercises
Parkour Training
Power Training
Sports-Specific Training
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